Thecus repository

This is a collection of modules and assorted notes for the Thecus N5200(PRO) NAS device. Other compatible Thecus devices should work equally fine, if they don't, I am happy to fix this.

Available Modules

Currently the repository contains the following modules:

  • ladvd - Thecus module installing the ladvd LLDP service. This will lead to the Thecus sending out LLDP frames which can be help with network monitoring.
  • mediatomb? - Thecus module installing the mediatomb UPNP/AV streaming service. This is a better mediaserver than the one delivered with the Thecus device. Note: This module is still under development.


In case of bugs, please either open a ticket in this Trac instance or write to <andreas (at) bawue (dot) net>.

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