Munin Hacks

This is a collection of munin plugins written to help monitor the systems at with Munin.

Available Plugins

Currently the repository contains the following plugins:

  • areca__snmp_ - Munin plugin to chart the voltage, temperature and fan speed of a ARECA Raid Controller
  • bacula_job - Munin plugin to measure job performance of the currently running Bacula jobs
  • bacula_sd - Munin plugin to measure the write throughput of the Bacula storage devices
  • cyrus-imapd - Munin plugin to chart the number of connections and users of a Cyrus IMAPd server.
  • freeipmi_ - Munin wildcard plugin to measure fanspeed and temperature of a server through the freeipmi tools.
  • smstools_ - Munin plugin to chart the number of SMS messages sent and received by the SMS Server Tools daemon.


In case of bugs, please either open a ticket in this Trac instance or write to <andreas (at) bawue (dot) net>.

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